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Our Bridal Gown Collections

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Designed to enhance your natural beauty and be your dream wear, these gowns enable to to be free to dance, love  and laugh through your wedding day.

Price Range $2900 - $4000

Tara Lauren embodies a romantic, fresh, elevated bohemian aesthetic designed with an admiration for the spirited confidence of today’s adventurous modern bride.

Price Range $2000 - $2700

This curated collection of bridal gowns is infused with fresh elegance. Charming, elegant and above all, a modern romantic is what this collection is all about.

Price Range $1600 - $2800

Olvis c4321


Mikaella gowns are magnificently crafted in Toronto, Canada from the highest quality fabrics and stunningly accented with beautiful hand detailing and embroidery. 

Mikaella offers the look, the feel, the elegance and the classic sophistication of high fashion couture gowns at an attractive price.

Price Range $2300 - $2800



Oui the Label


First imagined in Melbourne, Australia in 2015. They were moved by the desire to reinterpret the norms of bridal fashion, joining the very few bridal renegades in the movement to create affordable, cool-girl bridal wear alternatives. Their version of bridal, a carefully curated collection of effortlessly chic pieces that are easy to wear and stays true to our modern luxe aesthetic. 

Price range  - Below $3000

Are you looking for a gown that you need quick? Or our you on a budget for a gown that is below our price range for special ordering? Our discontinued/retired gowns my be something that you are interested in. The gowns are 25% to 70% off original retail. Although the gowns have never been worn, they have been tried on. These gowns are in great condition and one may be right for you. 

Price range 25% - 70% off original retail

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