Prom 2020

We understand that the Corona Virus has put a big damper on Prom! We feel so bad for all of the Seniors who may miss out on this special event. Some good news we are hearing though is that there are schools that are rescheduling for early August. We are here at the physical shop and through email. If you rented from us last year, we can use the same measurements. If you did grow, let us know and we can make adjustments. If you have never rented, we have a measurement video along with a  measurement form that will guide us/you to your proper size. Good new is, as of Saturday 6/6 we are taking appointments. We can help you with that step!

  1. First step, go onto our E Catalog you see what you want to wear.

  2. Second step, REGISTER under the prom you are attending

  3. Third step, contact us and let us know what Prom you are attending .

  4. Fourth step, fill out the measurement form completely and email it back to us. If you have rented last year, we don't need your measurements, only height, weight. 

  5. Final step, confirm all of the above via email, phone or in person , whatever works best for you and leave your $50 deposit.

It's as easy as that! Hope to hear from you soon.